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Dupes by Gary Jones and Chris Congreave

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Gary Jones and Chris Congreave have a sterling reputation as WORKING magicians. The material they create and perform is the sort of stuff you WILL WANT TO DO AND AUDIENCES LOVE TO SEE!

DUPES is an entire download devoted to one of their favourite ideas - using duplicate cards to create perfect miracles. With a heap of insights and sneaky ideas to elevate this underused ruse, you will have your jaw pinned to the floor as you watch the genius ideas these two have laid down for you. Easy, performable, entertaining magic!

Grab ONE deck and a few extra duplicate cards and you have a veritable arsenal of magic at your fingertips. No more pockets bulging with decks only capable of unleashing ONE trick.

Nearly CAAN Kicked Right Back Joker Surprise C2B (with zilcho palm) Packet Wallet Pocket Aces The Big Transpo Sucker Deal Box Sitter Pocket Interchange (3 versions) Lee Smith's Predicto-Pocket Hypno-tastic

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 34min
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